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0:00 to 0:07: Close ups of pretty flowers (stems, pedals, fingers touching the flowers)

0:07-0:12: Slow motion arch up from woman, focus on profile and hair

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0:12-0:17: CU on flowers during sunset, a woman in a dress walks by making the flowers shudder

0:17-0:24: two figures dance and move playfully in a blur- all back lit in blue purples and pinks



IMG-8513 copy.jpg
IMG-8513 copy2.jpg


0:20-0:24: Sunset overlapping two blurred figures

0:24-0:37: Couple on the beach. CU on toes in sand and intimate moments between the two

0:37-0:46: The couple in a blur near the train running around riding skateboards. CU on legs

0:46-0:55: Split screen shot of guy sitting on curb CU on his chest with words displaying his thought

IMG-8489 copy 2.jpg
IMG-8487 copy.jpg


0:55-0:59: Cu on hands entangled, fingers move nervously to the beat

0:59-1:08: Super slow mo of lovers sitting and spinning, a whirlwind of sensuality and silliness


IMG-8490 copy.jpg


1:08-1:17: Split screen of flower and woman undressing both slow mo with fuzz fading in/out

1:17-1:22: Bent over woman in low lighting, very intimate slowly pulls head up, repeat of 1st scene

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IMG-8490 copy2.jpg


1:22-1:30 Blur of a neon signed cross with NY lady, pull focus on water from reflection, wash away

1:30-1:38 Out of focus hands reaching up ward while back lit with sunset

IMG-8487 copy2.jpg

1:38-1:47: Split screen of CU on fishnet thigh being ripped with perfect piece of fruit color coordinating with the plate

1:47-1:56: Split screen of CU of feet in socks, nervous toes wiggle while woman hands slide across her chest

IMG-8497 copy.jpg
IMG-8497 copy2.jpg


1:56-2:00: View of lady playing with a neck lace in her fingers from above synched to the beats 

2:00-2:08: Slow mo of woman undressed dancing and being feminine all joyful sweetness

IMG-8491 copy2.jpg


2:08-2:13: Round two of slowmo spinning with blurred background 

2:13-2:21: Zoom into lonely woman at sunset near a bridge as approaching fastly



2:21-2:26: CU on woman lips as she laughs, lick lips, smirks, touches lips while words run across her face "She's the one"

2:26-2:35: out for dinner B-Roll of food, ice cream melting, bubbles of milk popping all slomo

IMG-8512 copy 2.jpg


2:35-2:52: Series of cuts of the lovers hand in hand, cheek to cheek, brushing shoulders...




2:52-3:09: Series of woman being free and weird, dancing, playing



3:09-3:26: Television fuzz taking over while all the sequences before are mashed up...



3:26-3:40: Continued fuzz and dizziness of daydreams and memories being tossed in the wash

 3:40-3:51: Cluster of clips of lovers and romance blossoming end on wild animal and fuzzed brings a cut to black

3:40-3:51: Cluster of clips of lovers and romance blossoming end on wild animal and fuzzed brings a cut to black